Saturday, 9 March 2013

ArShi Gutter FF: We Are Happy


It was morning.Khushi yawned and opened her eyes.She smiled thinking about all the things happened the previous night.She turned sideways and saw her handsome husband sleeping peacefully like a child.He looked cute when he was sleeping...ofcourse he always looked cute,but while sleeping he looked more cute and innocent.His face was resting in the crook of her neck...his hands circled around her bare waist...their legs entangled and thier naked bodies were covered from the cold by a white silk quilt.She blushed seeing the position they were sleeping.He is so passionate in this side of their marriage...he loves her very much and he loved to be loved by her.The nights after thier remarriage was like dream for both of them.Never in their wild dreams they have dreamt that one day they would become ONE.Khushi began tracing his face by her finger..she drew a line on his face by her fingers starting from his forehead,tracing his pretty nose and atlast his lips...his lips...The lips which made her crazy...the lips which tasted each and every inch of her...the lips which never left hers in the previous night.She blushed remembering how needed she became when she was with him...Earlier she never knew pleasure like this existed and a husband can pleasure his wife to this extend.She thanked DeviMaiyyah for giving such a loving husband and family.Suddenly she saw the time.It was 6.30 am.
Khushi(thinking)-Hey Devi Maiyyah..It is 6.30.Naniji is defenitely going to scold me...What should I do now?This laad governor is troubling me so much now a days.He won't let me sleep in night and...What will I tell to Naniji and Di..Ofcourse it is not the first time Iam late for Pooja..Raksha Karna DeviMaiyyah..
With that she gets up carefully,taking special care not to disturb her husbands sleep,places a wet kiss on his cheeks and went to bathroom...grabbing a red saree from the closet.

When she came out after bathing and dressing Arnav was still sleeping.She tied her hair with a towel and applied sindoor on her maang.She felt happy when she did so..It always made her happy to think that she belongs to Arnav now and forever.She put a minimal makeup...put a bindi and wore light pink lipgloss and left her hair open.She saw her sleeping husband in the mirror and thought something for a moment.She smiled mischeviously and went near him.She sat beside him and began caressing his face by her wet hair,leaving water droplets on his face and neck.Arnav got up and his first reaction was "what the".He then saw her gorgeous wife trying to wake him up..He smiled immediately when he saw her.She stopped what she was doing when she heard him say ''what"the.She looked him and saw him smiling lovingly at her.He brought his hand to her face and began caressing her face...her cheeks.His talented fingers were creating havoc on her senses especially when those magical fingers traced her bottom lip and parted it.She moaned in pure delight and bend more closer to him..He smirked seeing his effect on his beautiful wife.She expected him to give her his morning kiss but instead he withdrew his hand from her lip and murmered "Good Morning sweet heart"with his trade mark smirk.Her mouth was opened in a perfect O.But when she saw his smirk,she understood that he was playing with her.She also smirked and began placing kisses on his face and chest.She knew that he can't resist her.She smiled inwardly and continued her torture.Arnav was turned on again.It was one of the rarest time that she is seducing him.He knew she is doing it as a revenge and tried his best to control.But all his control vanished when she placed a peck on his lips.He wounded his arms around her and pulled her closer to him making her soft body crush with his hard one.As her clothes were preventing him to feel her body against his,he began untieing the doris of her blouse one by one..It was one of his favourite hobbies after marriage.Whenever he saw her wearing such sexy blouse,he felt an urge to untie them by himself.As he untied her doris(all the while kissing her),his hands went to her belly and began caressing it.He moved her pallu slightly and started drawing circles on her belly...especially her belly button..He began taking her saree which was tucked inside her underskirt.He brought his lips to her belly and began placing open mouth kisses on her belly.He looked her face...her eyes were closed... he knew that she was enjoying all these just as he..His fingers itched to untie the knot of her underskirt and he did so...It was only then Khushi realized what they were doing.She suddenly looked at the clock.7.05 am...immediately remembered about Pooja...nani...di...Mamiji and the rest.Arnav was all the while loving her.She pushed him a bit and got up.Arnav was confused and a bit angry..She started wearing her saree properly.

Arnav-Khushi what is this?
Khushi-See the time Arnavji...It is 7'o clock..
Arnav-So what Khushi?I have to go to office only at 8.30...plenty of time.
Khushi-Yeah plenty of time...Nani will scold me for sure today...Iam late for Pooja again…What will I say to her?You laad governor..
Arnav-Why are you worrying so much Khushi?Nani won’t scold you..Even if she says something you tell her that..
Khushi(cutting of Arnav)-That I was late for Pooja because her grandson was naughty and he didn’t let me leave…Or I got up late because her grandson didn’t let me sleep properly in the night…What should I say Arnavji?It is only because of you Iam late for pooja today…
Arnav-What the?Because of me!!Khushi,I was not the one who started kissing.
Khushi-Yeah…I was wrong.I should not have woken you like that…You arrogant laad governor.
Arnav(pulling Khushi closer,smiling)-Really?..You know you look extra hot when you are frustrated…your cheeks become more blushy…eyes nervous…nose light pink and lips..
He was about to kiss her on her lips when she suddenly pushed him and ran to the door.She turned and said to him
Khushi-Not again Arnavji…Iam not falling for your romance now…I have to go now…Be ready fast,HUBBY.
With that she left,leaving a smiling Arnav.Arnav took his towel and went to take a shower.

By the time Khushi reached downstairs,everybody were present there for the Pooja.Anjali saw Khushi and smiled at her.Khushi also smiled back and stood near her.Thankfully nobody teased her  today.Payal distributed the prasadas.All were sitting in the hall chatting.As usuall mami was talking about her new makeup kit and English teacher.
Nani-Khushi bitiya,Today morning Madhumathiji(Buaji)called and asked me to send you and Paayalia to Gupta House.Some relatives are coming today.So it would be helpful for your Buaji if you and Payal are there.
Khushi-Sure Naniji…we will go..right jiji?But Arnav ji…he ..won’t..
Anjali(naughtily)-Why Khushi?What happened to Chottey?
Khushi-Nothing happened to him Di..But I don’t know whether he would agree me going to my house.
NK-Oh come on Khushiji…It is just a matter of 1 day or 2..We all will be here…Nannav will be fine.
Anjali-Arrey NK won’t understand it now…You will understand the feeling “missing” once you get married or fall in love..hey na Khushiji?
Khushi was blushing.She didn’t know what to reply.But she knew one thing for sure that Arnav had become more possessive about her after their marriage and he won’t let her stay away from him that too for one day and night.After marriage,he didn’t let her stay away from him even for a day..Even when she went to her house he also joined her and stayed with her.She always wondered why he was so possessive about her..Aakash, her jeejaji never disallow her jiji to stay in her house for a day..But why Arnav was not like that?.. It was not that she would be happy,missing Arnav…but he was more upset everytime.
Nani(smiling)-Don’t worry Khushi bitiya..I will talk to Chottey.Now you go and give him his breakfast.
Khushi-Ji Naniji.
Khushi took his breakfast and went to their room..He preferred to have breakfast in his room,with her.
Khushi entered and placed the tray on the table.Arnav was drying his hair.She went to him, took the towel from him and started drying his hair.He sat on a chair.
Arnav-Wow!!Am I dreaming?The one who was angry with me and left me to get ready by myself came and helping me?Pinch me Khushi.
Khushi bent and brushed her lips against his..he was shocked and surprised again.
Khushi-It is real,Arnavji…You know even if we fight I can’t stay angry with you for long.
Arnav smiled and hugged her waist as he was sitting and she was standing.His head pressed against her tummy.He could feel her soft skin below his cheeks.Khushi also pulled him closer and hugged him..his hair tickling her.
Arnav- Hmm..
Khushi-Voh your food will be cold…lets have the breakfast.
Arnav-Khushi,can you feed me?
Khushi-Yeah I will…you please leave me now..
Arnav leaves her and Khushi takes the tray and sits with him.She took a piece of chappathi,dipped it in the daal and extended to him.He took that from her hand and ate it…licking her fingertips.She fed him silently.After feeding him the last bite Khushi asked him.

Khushi-Arnav ji,can I ask you something?
Arnav-You need my permission?Ask sweetheart.
Khushi-Can I go to Buaji’s house for today?
Arnav-Hmm..yeah go but be back before evening.
Khushi-Voh Arnavji..I would have to stay there for…a..a day…But I promise I will be back by tomorrow noon..Pakka.
Arnav-What?One day? How can you ask Khushi?
Khushi-But it is only a matter of one day Arnavji.
Arnav-Khushi you very well know how I hate to be away from you for a moment..and now you are asking me one day..
Khushi-Buaji called today morning..waise I haven’t gone to my house after last month na..I miss them Arnavji.
Arnav-And you can leave me alone for that?..Why are you not understanding Khushi?Or is it only me who care about us?
Khushi covers  Arnav’s mouth by her palm and nodded.
Khushi-How can you think like that Arnavji? You think I will be so happy missing you?(She brings his hand to her heart)This is yours…this beats for you…How can it be happy when it is away from you?..I know your feelings but we have to consider our families also na?I will be here tomorrow noon…Promise.

Arnav(angry)-Fine…go…I won’t stop you..
With that he left to change, angrily.Khushi knew he was pissed off. She tried to calm him.But he left to office angrily,without even kissing her.Khushi was looking through the window, his car disappearing.Payal came and tapped Khushi.
Payal-So shall we start Khushi?Buaji had called now and told they are eagerly waiting to see you.
Khushi-Yeah jiji. We can leave.
They bid good byes to RM people and left to Gupta House.Khushi tried calling Arnav but his phone was switched off.

To be Continued...


  1. Looks promising to me...nicely written!

  2. Looks promising to me...nicely written!